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previously known as the Students Center for Innovations




SCI meeting showing speaker, audience, and robotics image on a screen

    Start with success !

    • By using proven strategies and techniques you are assuring that your invention gets off to a good start. Browse through our site to learn a little more about SCI and how we can help you with your invention.


    Mason Makers - Take it and Break it Day

    Mason Makers - Take it and Break it Day

    Mason Makers

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM (EST)

    Bring your own Goggles! Start Up Mason and Inventor's Club will be hosting a "Take it and Break it" day! To help promote the Mason MakerSpace that will be opening in FALL of 2015!!  Have you ever wondered what exactly was in your electronics? Do you have an alarm clock or an old VCR (If you even know what that is) that you have lying around? Bring it to Room 278 in the Enterprise Building from 3:30-6:30 PM so we can do electronic surgery on it and see if we can try find out what made it break! click here to learn more...




    3-DPrinter Mini Workshop / Inventors Club Kickoff Event

    GMU Graduate, Inventor and Entrepreneurial
    Shared his Innovative Entreprenurial Journey
    and lead a 3-D printing mini workshop



    on November 20th 7pm in the machine shop

    Planetary Hall, lower level, on the east side

    Want to be an officer or learn more about the club? Email us at

    Learn and practice 3D design with the following free app

    Download now:

    Get started now: Quick Start Guide and Tutorials

    Have a design you want to print? Stop on by the shop on a Wednesday evening,

    email us to let us to make sure we will be there.

    The Cube





    ~ SUMMER 2013 ~

    To join our club, join our listserv of announcements: Send an email to:
    Put this in the body of the email: SUB INVENTORS-L your full name, click here to see more listserv instructions below
    And stop on by the machine shop in the basement of Planetarium Hull on Tuesdays late afternoon to evening.
    We are usually there working on various projects. Sometimes we head over to O'Brien's for a chill.



    From "From Patent to Profit" - Saturday July 13th
    Free class: Protection Your Inventions - click here to learn more on our events page


    Purchase SolidWorks Student Edition 3-D CAD 1-Year $89

    GMU Machine Shop, where inventors gather,
    and GMU Inventors, are featured
    in an article by Cathy Cruise...

    GMU Machine Shop - Photo by Will Martinez

    GMU Machine Shop in Planetarium Hall - Photo by Will Martinez


    Chris Savage - former GMU Inventors Club Officer,
    GMU Graduate, Inventor and Entrepreneur


    ...has been embarking on several invention and entrepreneurial ideas.
    His latest invention and entrepreneurial project (drum roll please)....

    The first sweetened K-Cup's with real natural honey inside.
    A perfect cup of tea, every-time...

    learn more at

    3D Printing is alive !!!

    ...and more... at the Machine Shop
    Chris Savage has generously donated a 3-D Printer to the Inventors Club.

    The machine is available for use to all students and is located
    in the Machine Shop in the basement of the Planetary Hall.

    Inventors usually meet in the shop on Tuesdays from late afternoons to evenings.
    Students can learn the basic skills of 3-D modeling from members who are available.

    Design + 3D Printer = 3D Object

    Alibre 3D modeling + 3-D printing action photo 1 = 3D object

    If you wish to visit, come on by on Tuesday evenings.

    Would you like to be an Officer for the GMU Inventors Club ?
    send an email to - for more info

    3D Printer Buyers Guide Image


    Welcome . . .

    Dear Fellow Students,

    We welcome you to the Inventors Club. We are a pretty cool club that does pretty cool things from working on inventions to reaching out to the community. We help each other with our own inventions, we help community members with their inventions, and we reach out to students and the community to inspire innovation in all ages.

    One year we kicked off the semester with an outreach to Fairfax County educators who are introducing the topic of inventing to our youth. As a result of our outreach, Fairfax County educators prepared year long programs to inspire our future generation in the art of inventing.

    Thanks to you, we are making a difference in the community and for our future !

    The Inventors Club, conceived in 2005 as the Students Center for Innovations, and renamed this year as the Inventors Club, are a group of students at George Mason University who get together and work on inventions, learn about the process, and develop skills in taking an idea from concept to the market. We also get together to have fun.

    In the past 7 years, the Inventors Club has been laying the groundwork to spin-off "Students Center for Innovations" into a not-for-profit innovation center to help inventors in our community. Learn more about us ... [mission statement] [goals]

    projects . . .

    Projects are ideas from students and the community that we work on. These project help us gain experience in the invention process while helping inventors develop their inventions. Read about some of the projects ... [current projects]

    events . . .

    Events including meetings, workshops, seminars, webinars, field trips, GMU showcase events, conferences, and contents. Visit the events page to learn more ... [archived events] [upcoming events]

    resources . . .

    We have a number of resources that may be helpful to inventors. Learn more ... [resources]

    The Patriot Entrepreneur features the Inventors Club...

    The Inventors Club was interviewed by Patriot Entrepreneur Newsletter. Read about how the club got started and more ...
    [ click here to read the story ...]


    Other Innovative and Entreprenurial Orgs



    Congratulations to all our Contest Winners in the BigIdea Contest!!!


    "Build your start-up team"
    Read the article by Young Inventors Inernational Founder and President, Anne Swift, in the Campus Life Magazine, about how to put together a successful start-up team.


    Want to make a difference?
    Click here to lean more about
    taking on an SCI leadership roles...

    Inspiring innovation in the community ! Prince William County Public Scools Festival 2007

    Annual Halloween Show - Laser Lights

    Laser Light Show - Click for Behind the Scenes (it's a flash file - you may have to download it)

    for all the details.

    cosponsored by the Inventors Club

    The Source: Student Organization Fair (ODIME)

    Tue, September 11, 7:30pm – 9:30pm


    INCA for more info...

    The Cubletes are coming !!!! ...


    Neil Demonstrated Cubelets on August 22nd

    Click here for the shop video links


    SPRING 2012:

    Last year we learned about
    3-D Printers and CNC Router Machines !!!
    Pics and Videos to be posted


    On May 2nd at 7pm in Science and Tech I, bottom floor, in the Machine Shop, Engineers Jerry Branson and Chris Savage shared their experience building 3-D Printers and CNC Router Prototype Machine and we demonstrated the MakerBot Thing-OMatic.


    The Latest News and Events for SPRING 2013

    Venture Camp - 3D Printing

    3D Printing : A Revolution on Your Desktop

    And you thought the internet was big? 3D printing is going to change the make up of our economy and society as much as the information revolution did in the 1990s and 2000s. Come get a peek into the future at this interactive event. 

    Club Entusiasts - Volunter to Support this Event
    For more information on Venture Camp contact David J. Miller at the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship ( or Catherine Miller at Arlington Economic Development (

    May 18th Girl Scouts Adventure Day 2013
    Inventors Club Science and Engineering Outreach Event for the Girl Scouts of America

    girl scout logo

    Come and volunteer for this event - the Inventors Club Booth was the biggest hit last time we were there. It is fun and it is a great way to encourage the girl scouts in science and engineering. Email us at to learn more - we look forward to hearing from you !

    Feb. 20 - Meeting with GADIG
    Art and Design Building, Room L004 at 7:30 PM
    Discussing Robotic Simulator Development


    Visit us in the Machine Shop located in the Planetary Hall basement, room # 4. You can usually find us there on Tuesdays between 3 pm and 8 pm. Stop on by to see if we are in or email us at:


    The Latest News and Events for FALL 2012


    Thursday, November 15, 2012, 9:00 PM

    MAKE International 3D Printing Meetup

    Nova Labs, 11409-F Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA

    Message from Maker Movement :
    Join MAKE magazine, leader of the maker movement, for its first International maker meet-up. We want to help makers find each other in their local communities and get the conversation started.

    Students joined a Make Magazine global meeting on 3D printing where Make showcased MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing which features 15 of the hottest 3D printers on the market...
    For more info:

    Inventors Club Meets in the Planetary Hall basement, room # 4 every Tuesday afternoon from around 3 pm to 8 pm.

    All students are invited to apply for Club Officer positions by emailing

    GMU's Inventors Club
    George Mason University
    4400 University Drive, MSN 5C8
    Engineering Building, Suite 2500
    Fairfax, Virginia  22030



    Inventors Club wants YOU !!!

    Would you like to be Club President?
    Vice President? Treasurer? Secretary?

    These and other officer positions are open to students at the beginning of each academic year.
    Applications for 2013-2014 are now being accepted.


    Where do we meet?

    Tuesday afternoon to evening in the machine shop on the bottom floor of the Planetary Hall. Let us know if you plan to stop by to make sure we will be there for you. Emai us at

    What is going on?

    • Protyping inventions with a 3-D printer
    • Learning 3-D CAD and machine shop prototyping skills
    • Adding a new 3-D Printer
    • Building invention prototypes hands-on
    • Supporting the creation of an MIT Fab Lab on campus

    We would like you to join us. We are cool people with a lot of cool ideas always eager to learn and do cool things. We help each other and we help others with inventions. Bottom line, it is pretty cool.

    To become a member of our club:

    1) Add your self to our listserv to receive announcements about events, meetings, and other inventor activities - follow these instructions:

    Send an email to:

    Put this in the body of the email:
    SUB INVENTORS-L your full name

    To subscribe anonymously, put this in the body:

    To be removed put this in the body:

    2) Browse through our web site to learn about our mission, our resources, what we've done, what we plan to do

    3) Finally, stay tuned for upcoming events and join us when you can. Feel fre to offer suggestions or request to facilitate an event by contacting us at

    4) To become an officer, just let us know you are interested and we will take it from there.



    2011 Events & News

    Recent Events & News from 2010



    Other Past Events

    Gallery of Inventions - March 19th

    Inventors Roundtable - March 29th

    Feb 17 - Inventors Club Open House

    We had a great time getting to know each other, enjoying refreshments and music, and talking about future events.

    The evening was followed by a special evening of Guest Speakers with Dr. Arciszewski at 7:20pm

    This was quite an amazing evening to see how various innovators created inventions from scientific methods to mere curiosity.

    Presentations included inventors’ experiences, methods, and exercises.

    Officer/Advisor Meeting Friday - Feb 5th 9:30am in Eng. Bldg Rm 2608


    Last Fall and every year...

    2008-2009 Academic Year
    We explored the steps of taking your great idea and bringing it into the real world. The last two in the series we #7 and #8...

    Inventors Boot Camp #8
    "Your (Inventors) Exit Strategy"

    Startup expert Jim Wolfe gave us the run down on knowing your end game plan at the start, and what are some of the key factors the increase the chance of success of any venture. Thank you Mr. Wolfe!

    Inventors Boot Camp #7

    "Enter The Real World"Licensing Your Invention

    Inventor and Entrepreneur Andrew Park shared his experience on licensing intellectual property. The highlights of the event were:

    Attendees received Mr. Parks first hand experienced on IP Licensing and received a book of valuable licensing information.Thank you Mr. Park!

    Other Past Invention Related Events:

    Young Inventors International presents:

    5th International YII Conference
    April 3rd and 4th, 2009

    Hosted by Project Olympus at Carnegie Mellon University, the conference features interactive "marathon" sessions with experts in intellectual property, raising financing, strategy for bringing your product to market, product development, and market research.  The experts will tell you specific next steps to take to bring your technology to market.

    [click heare fore more info...]


    cbl1 cbr1
    ergonomic pen from student working on electronics from computer mouse from handle to carry plastic bags from
    Have an idea? Or just want to get in on the action? Then join us ! You don't need any experience. We will bring in the resources to guide you.

    Inventors Club at GMU, Mail Stop 5C8, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax VA 22030
    (703) 978-4944 Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved